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  • king of the Arctic

    I heard “polar bear on the ice!”. I quickly dressed up and headed upstairs. Then I heard “zodiac! dry bag!” from Janet. She and Magnus spotted the bear from the bridge. The bear was on an iceberg with his kill. Off we went, cruising and drifting among the ice floe in hope of not driving the bear off the ice. 

    B3 was a big male with scars, rough life I think. His face was painted with fresh blood after feeding on a dead seal. He was resting on the ice near his food. Once he smelt us, he raised his head and then rolled on his back for a good rub. Finally he sat up to have a really good look at us. He did not seem to be bothered about us being there at all. He walked to the carcass and later on he marched to the edge of the iceberg and posed for us. We were so close to him. Too bad I did not think of using my wide angle as I was too excited about everything that had been going on. I wish I took my eyes off the viewfinder and really looked at him, the king of the Arctic.