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  • food coma

    We had 2 more treks at the UNESCO heritage site "Bwindi Impenetrable National Park", where it is known for the tough terrain as its name suggests.

    In order to reach the Nkuringo group of mountain gorillas, we endured a hike on a rocky mountainous and unpaved road prior to entering the park, crossed a stream and hiked up through a thick forest. Initially we witnessed 2 massive mountain gorillas playing in the bush; a blackback chasing the No. 2 silverback down the hill toward us. Our guide said it was a rare event to witness as not many blackbacks would be able to entice a silverback to play.

    After a while, we left those 2 hulks to burn their testosterone, and we carried on looking for the rest of the group. The family is known for their friendliness as they are one of the first habituated gorilla groups at Bwindi. We saw a few members of the group scattered around in the thick forest, then the dominant silverback, Rafiki, led them to feed on something nestled on the fallen tree. It was like a buffet hat lasted for almost the entire hour of our visit, with the gorillas feeding in sequence in order of seniority. This young gorilla was resting on the tree they were feeding on earlier. I guess he was induced into a food coma!