This is a sum up of how fruitful of Raja Ampat mantas we encountered in March 2011. I was told that the video should be brief so people would watch it to the end. I know it's lengthy but this is a Sigur Rós song I am talking about. I think at least the music can have your attention for a bit longer.

Over the 8 diving/snorkeling days, there were many great encounters and I guess I like it to run on this 7-min video. We dived with at least 4 mantas in the first so-call check dive at Blue Magic for a good 30-min and of course none of us had cameras. We thought nothing could beat that dive. Everyday after each manta dive, we kept saying how amazing the encounters were but it just kept getting better everyday. It's kinda crazy or out of expectation to see mantas every single day even when we dressed down on dinghies exploring the group of islands.

I believe what I love about the experience has nothing to do with the number of mantas we saw but it's just for the quality of encounters on how friendly and adorable they were with us, given that friendliness came with our respects as well.

All footages were shot from the tool I had to document the experiences. I would say it's first time I managed to have a few keepers. It was shot in a basic setup in a Quick mode neither with a filter nor a manual white balance setting and a focus gear.

Music by Sigur Rós